Brookfield Technology Center provides surveillance systems for their clients. These systems can include video cameras, video recorders, door access panels, timeclocks, and more.  Security is a crucial part of operating a successful and secure company in today’s business environment

Top reasons for a surveillance system for your business.

• They improve the safety at your business.

• They help deter and catch criminals.

• They reduce employee theft.

• They allow you to monitor your business when you are away.

• They provide footage to settle issues.

When designing a surveillance system, the priorities are in two key areas:

• Security and Loss Prevention: Combat shoplifting, internal theft, cashier fraud, and ensure a secure & safe environment.

• Business Intelligence: Reduce operating expense (OPEX), increase store operating efficiency, and enhance profits by grasping the direct relationship between foot traffic data and transaction data.

Improving customer satisfaction, maximizing per-customer transactions, ensuring a safe environment, and reducing unnecessary loss have become a significant focus of business owners.

BTC can provide:

Security Surveillance Systems


Cameras equipped with Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) can expertly handle the unique contrast and brightness conditions throughout your business.


HD PTZ and panoramic cameras can be used to survey an area where a 360-degree view is needed.


Cameras that have low light or complete darkness capabilities.


We can have an employee at your building for check-in. Our employee will walk vendors around the building supervising the work required. We can do the maintenance work or find vendors to perform the building repairs if needed.


Intelligent Video Systems (IVS) brings a better understanding of patterns in your business with functions such as heat mapping and people counting.


Door access control can provide you affordable security products to protect people and assets. These systems fit your needs, at any size of operation. 

Keep your business and your customers safe with a security solution from BTC.